If a million Americans wanted to take action to reform the food system, what would you tell them to do?

Vote with your wallet.

Spend your money on local foods and with local chefs. Fighting the system will not be as effective as creating a new system which makes the old one obsolete. Grubly connects people who love to eat with people who love to cook, locally. Help build a better food system at www.gogrubly.com

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    Tim West shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Spencer Hess commented  · 

        Tim West will always deliver. His passion and enthusiasm for fine foods is beyond belief and his experience and overall knowledge of the food world is simply amazing.

      • Tim West commented  · 

        Wow everyone! Thank you so much for kind words about me and Grubly.

        Your encouragement truly feeds me! I am honored and humbled to have your support and friendships. Thank you!

        We at Grubly are working to create a platform for community that will facilitate the transition to a better food system which will make the world a happier, healthier and tastier place. Join us at www.gogrubly.com!


      • ali cayenne commented  · 

        TIm West puts fun in flavor and delivers panache to simple eats.

      • Albert Cook commented  · 

        Tim West is a great chef and an outspoken advocate for local food, healthy food and overhauling a food/;farming system that is not currently in our best interest

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I thing gogrubly is the way to go - you get to meet local people and support your community. Buying local is the best way to go!!!!!! Good luck!!!!

      • sbberquist commented  · 

        good luck timmy west! love, sarah b

      • jack commented  · 

        This emerging market fills the void as fuel prices drive up oil prices and the American middle class is getting priced out of dining out.

      • Rosa commented  · 

        Go Grubly

      • Peter B. commented  · 

        Keep up the good work....

      • Laurita commented  · 

        Everyone should GoGrubly!

      • Dar Dar commented  · 

        I haven't figured out what "gogrubly" means yet, but I know what it stands for and I'm in. You have my support.

      • LisaD commented  · 

        With so much love for sharing, the GoGrubly team is really inspiring! Go go go Grubly!!! :P

      • Leryn commented  · 

        I love the people that run this company, you can't go wrong, with people that put passion into there food.

      • Slow Money commented  · 

        Cheers to all the GoGrubly members and chefs. Here's to a new way of sharing food!

      • Patricia Menzies commented  · 

        This sounds like a great program and I'll pass it on to some chefs I know, too. I would like to encourage all of you to consider voting also for stopping Monsanto. I heard a program this morning that said that corporations like Monsanto have to "play by the rules" in places like Europe because the citizens there refuse to buy GMO foods and insist that they be labeled. We NEED to do those things here, too, and stop Monsanto from spreading their poisons to Africa, Asia and South America. Yes, vote with your dollars. But vote with your VOTES too. Insist that the USDA and FDA follow OUR wishes not that of big corporations. If things like GE alfalfa get out into the foodscape, "organic" will cease to have any meaning. We won't be able to find non-GMO foods in this country. Get active. It's your future!

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